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Frequently Asked Questions for Superior Shield in Bend, OR

As a certified installer of superior urethane protection products, Superior Shield works for your long-term benefit. Our customers are confident and satisfied with the knowledge that, after our service application, their vehicle will be protected from the elements and road debris. If you are a resident around the Bend, OR area, here are a few answers to additional questions you may have.
Porsche Shield | Superior Shield | Bend, OR
Q. If it gets damaged, can it be replaced?
Yes in most cases, the underlying paint isn't affected.

Q. Do you do this as a sideline job?
No, this is our main business.

Q. Does the film require any special care?
No, wash and wax as you normally would, avoid solvents and braises. We provide care instructions with every application.

Q. How long does it last?
The films we use come with a lifetime warranty.

Q. Do you hand-cut the film on the car?
We use computer cut patterns that are vehicle specific.

Q. Is it environmentally friendly?
It is, we recycle most of our leftover material and it cuts down on your paint work.

Q. How long does it take?
In most cases we offer same-day turnaround.